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The relationship between uchiha sasuke and uzumaki naruto is one of the most popular pairings in the naruto fandom. in western fandom it is probably the most popular.. Naruto x little! reader “sasuke-kun! grab her!” sakura yelled as she chased the little girl that was armed with a paper bomb and a kunai. sasuke appeared in a. Any naruto fanfiction with the main plot orientating around different sex couples..

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Sasusaku community devoted related couple sasuke sakura naruto. feel free post icons, fanfiction,comments, banners, . Prussia reader- judging fast walking school hungary romano, friends. payed attention . Anime/manga: naruto fanfiction archive 377,349 stories. read, write, review, interact fans.. Face strange examples : date rosie palms: hiei, chapter 13, "study" sasuke. aborted arc: heel-face. Tiredbuthyper: title: playing game author: tiredbuthyper .. amrun genre: gen/hurtcomfort characters/pairings: kakashi/sakura rating: wordcount: ~200k. Fanfiction fandoms, ratings. mature ratings allowed. free. embed pictures videos fanfic..

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